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Hydrofoiling experts

Name: Zane Westwood

Age: 25

Height: 173cm

Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney

Current Model Board:  4’4 x 19 x 3 1/8 34ltr high flyer with strap inserts the board is feeling good! It is really well balanced and a good combination for turns and pumping.

Foil Brand:  I ride Go Foil foils and change my setup almost every session sometimes a few times a session to get the feel of wings, tail wing combos for different conditions. I have recently been playing around with different length tails and thickness of tail wings, also the distance between the front wing and the back wing. All these factors change the feeling of your setup a lot. I really like the feel of the new NL wing series from Go Foil. I like the balance between speed and turning the NL160 has, and the NL190 for pumping around.

Style of foiling:  Prone foiling is what is do the most, super keen to get into downwind foil and wing dinging when summer comes around and offers those types of conditions.

What types of waves are in your area?  We have all variety of waves here, beachies are good when there’s been a massive swell and it rips out all the sand and creates big holes and gutters, there’s all kind of funky reef breaks for foiling within 30 minute’s drive from home. I think we are pretty spoilt here in Sydney for foil waves.

When did you get into foiling? I started in march 2020 and since starting only surfed a handful of times.

What is it about foil that is so addictive?  The whole thing I guess, the way you look at spots differently and the way you approach the waves. Mostly is the friction free feeling you get from gliding for hundreds of meters on unbroken waves/swells.

What do you see in the future of the sport?  I think the technology with be refined and developed so efficiently we will be riding really small wings that pump well and turn insane.  We will be seeing the younger kids doing insane manoeuvres like really high strapless airs.

Instagram: @zane_westwood


Name: Trent Jones
Age: 24
Height: 177cm
Weight: 78kg
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Board/s Currently Riding:  Currently riding a 4’10 Frequent Flyer and have a 4’6 High Flyer being made (which I’m very excited about).
Foil/s Currently Riding:  Gofoil setup, 28.5 plate mast using a GL210/Kai depending on the conditions.   Switching between a Kai tail and a chopped Maliko tail – 25cm.
Style of Foiling:  Surf/flat water pumping/downwind/wing foiling.
What kind of waves do you have in your area or tend to ride:  Any and all waves that can be ridden on a foil! Ranging from a boat wake to prone foiling a beach/bar break and when it’s really good tow foiling.
When did you get into foiling?  April 2019
What is it about foiling that is so addictive? The speed and the ability to turn any session regardless of wave type/size into the best session of your life.
What do you see in the future of the sport (gear, riding etc)? Who knows!The sport is progressing so fast I think it all depends how hard riders can push the limits.
Anything else you want to add? Amos Foilboards are the best all round foil boards I have ridden!
Instagram: @foilin_around


Foil Surfing Santa Monica

Name: Kenny Sogi

Age: 33

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 64kg

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Board/s Currently Riding (model, size) and comments: 4’2″ x 19″ x 30L High Flyer

Foil/s Currently Riding: Exclusively the Armstrong 1050, chopped 212 Tail, 50cm fuselage

Style of Foiling: Trying to be as progressive as possible towards riding a foil like a short board.

What kind of waves do you have in your area or tend to ride: Knee to head-high right hand point breaks

When did you get into foiling? 2018

What is it about foiling that is so addictive? Every day no matter the conditions I feeL stoked to be out there flying around on a foil. I used to get so frustrated on a shortboard fighting for waves in crowded California lineups. Now I’m foiling new spots with almost no other people and getting as many waves as my arms and legs can handle.

What do you see in the future of the sport (gear, riding etc)? I actually think a lot more people will get into eFoiling when the price points come down as it is a lot more friendly for beginners. I think more short board style riding (foam hits, cutbacks, off the tops, airs) with small wings will be the thing that you’ll see in the press and social media.

Anything else you want to add? Every foiler feels so fortunate to have found this new sport. The foil community is welcoming and passionate. Hopefully we can keep spreading the good vibes and promote safety as the sport becomes more popular.

Instagram: @1to2andfiring



Name: Luca Barriskill

Age: 13

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 65kg

Location: Lennox head, NSW, Australia

Board/s Currently Riding: 310, High Flyer with tow plug inserts

Foil/s Currently Riding: I have been lucky enough to ride many foils such as the Konrad FLYR; Lift 250 surf front wing, 34 surf rear wing, and 75cm mast; the UniFoil 175 vortex , 75cm mast, the flare rear wing. But my favourite all-rounder is the Armstrong HS 1550, 60cm fuselage with HS232 rear and 72cm Mast,

Style of Foiling:  Prone Foiling

What kind of waves do you have in your area or tend to ride: Point break, beach break, river wave

When did you get into foiling? 18 months ago

What is it about foiling that is so addictive? Being able to progress no matter what skill level you are always wants me in the water again trying new tricks and learning how to make my turns sharper, quicker, cleaner,  

What do you see in the future of the sport (gear, riding etc)? Lighter, stronger, faster foils that will let the rider be able to get longer rides, bigger airs, and better turns,

Instagram: @luca_3011_

Name:  Mark Hansen

Age: 33yrs

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 80kg

Location: Noosa Qld

Board/s Currently Riding:  4’0 Frequent Flyer carbon 35L

Foil/s Currently Riding: Surf foil: Armstrong 1550or1200/72mast/50fuse/232stab.  Downwind foil: Armstrong 1850/85mast/60fuse/300stab

Style of Foiling:  Prone and downwind

What kind of waves do you have in your area or tend to ride: Point breaks, beachies, rivermouth

When did you get into foiling?  Started almost 2 yrs ago

What is it about foiling that is so addictive?  Whats addictive is the endless options and possibilities in all different conditions.

What do you see in the future of the sport? The future of foiling will be nuts. Already blown away by whats happening out there

Instagram: @markfrohansen

Name: Cooper Downes

Age: 18

Height:  5’9

Weight:  65kgs

Location:  Jan Juc, Victoria (The Surfcoast)

Board/s Currently Riding:  4’2” x 20’1/2” x 2’1/2” – 30 litres, High Flyer Amos Model with strap inserts.

Foil/s Currently Riding:  NSP Airwave Foil 1325 front wing, 70cm Mast, 70cm Fuselage, 330 Flat tail wing.

Style of Foiling:  Prone surf foiling

What kind of waves do you have in your area or tend to ride?  Down at the Surf Coast, we are really lucky to have multiple really good spots to foil – particularly right hand points! Perhaps my favourite spot is a reef break into sand, usually about a 2-3 minute ride each wave, where we can hop out and walk around to the point for another.

When did you get into foiling?  I only got into foiling around May this year, a lot of local crew I am friends with and have surfed with had got on the program and wouldn’t stop frothing about the feeling! So I thought it was only fitting I got a setup and started. 3 sessions later and I was beyond hooked!

What is it about foiling that is so addictive?  For me the best feeling is able to glide and put the wing on rail, the speed you can gain through a turn is next level!  Also, perhaps my favourite is linking many waves together, when your legs are nearly gone and you sneak onto one more wave… best feeling.

What do you see in the future of the sport (gear, riding etc)?  On my new board I have got some strap inserts which I am yet to use, but as I progress I would love to push myself and start experimenting with airs and doing some more tow in sessions when the surf is bigger!

Anything else you want to add?  If you are yet to get into foiling, you wont second guess your decision! I previously and still am a surfer, but when the conditions are really small, too onshore or otherwise conditions aren’t great, these are perfect conditions for foil spots around home. Get yourself an Amos board and you won’t regret it!

Instagram: @cooper.downes