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Hydrofoiling experts

Name: Zane Westwood

Age: 27

Height: 173cm

Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney

Style of foiling:  Prone foiling is what is do the most, super keen to get into downwind foil and wing dinging when summer comes around and offers those types of conditions.

When did you get into foiling? I started in march 2020 and since starting only surfed a handful of times.

What is it about foil that is so addictive?  The whole thing I guess, the way you look at spots differently and the way you approach the waves. Mostly is the friction free feeling you get from gliding for hundreds of meters on unbroken waves/swells.

Instagram: @zane_westwood




Foil Surfing Santa Monica

Name: Kenny Sogi

Age: 35

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 64kg

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Style of Foiling: Trying to be as progressive as possible towards riding a foil like a short board.

What is it about foiling that is so addictive? Every day no matter the conditions I feeL stoked to be out there flying around on a foil. I used to get so frustrated on a shortboard fighting for waves in crowded California lineups. Now I’m foiling new spots with almost no other people and getting as many waves as my arms and legs can handle.

Anything else you want to add? Every foiler feels so fortunate to have found this new sport. The foil community is welcoming and passionate. Hopefully we can keep spreading the good vibes and promote safety as the sport becomes more popular.

Instagram: @1to2andfiring


lift foils extender 3"

Name: Luca Barriskill

Age: 15

Height: 6’3″

Weight: 70kg

Location: Lennox head, NSW, Australia

Style of Foiling:  Prone Foiling

What is it about foiling that is so addictive? Being able to progress no matter what skill level you are always wants me in the water again trying new tricks and learning how to make my turns sharper, quicker, cleaner,  

Instagram: @luca_3011_