Peregrine and Peregrine Performance | All round wing foilboard

Peregrine and Peregrine Performance | All round wing foilboard

$1,600.00 USD

5’0”, 25”, 4 7/16”- 70L

** We have experienced a high number of orders and are currently at a 16 week build time on all boards unless stock is showing. Please order and we will add you to our build list.

This wing foilboard is primarily designed to be comfortable in the surf or on flatwater. The intention behind the Peregrine board was to have the ultimate wing board for all conditions and all levels of skill. With a little added length and surface area to assist in getting up in all wind conditions weather out in the open ocean or on a lake. The peregrine is the ultimate wing foilboard.

This is a performance wing foil board and features minimal thickness increasing the sensitivity to the foil for the rider; bevelled rails for enough clearance in turns a slight concave on the deck and added nose lift to minimise nose diving in between swells.

Foot strap inserts come standard in “Y” configuration giving riders the opportunity to choose between a double front strap or off centre setup

Our design includes a step tail kick behind the foil boxes for quick release from the water and easy lift off. All Carbon Vacuum bag construction gives the ultimate strength vs minimal weight ratio.

Peregrine Features and Inclusions:

  • Foil Tec deck traction
  • Y configuration foot strap inserts
  • Leash plug, handle on base and air vent
  • Step tail kick
  • Reinforced track system
  • Bevelled rails
  • Added nose lift
  • EPS Epoxy Carbon Vacuum bag construction
  • Weight will vary due to size of board - approx. 4.5-5.5kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Craig M
Highly recommended

Board: Peregrine 5'0" 80L
Rider weight: 93kg
Was looking for a second all round board for the lighter days when there wasn't enough wind for my normal go to 60 L board and settled on the Peregrine 5'0" 80L. Light, well built and looks fantastic but more importantly , the ride is incredible. Early to foil and once up feels smaller under foot than 80 L. I have had a number of boards over my wing journey of the past few years and I cant recommend this board enough, plus the the great service from the team.

Peregrine Masterpiece

Board: Pergine Performance - 5’4”, 26”, 4 1/2” - 80L
Rider weight: 86kg

This Board is amazing!
After riding it about a handful of times now, I've noticed how much easier it pumps off the water, and having that extra length helps with creating less drag. Wow, it's amazing how an extra 5L makes so much difference in buoyancy.
I'm so happy I moved up in size slightly.
Can't wait to take it out in the swell.

Ofer Levy
LOVE this board!

I wanted the Peregrine for my wingfoiling but preferred it to have a bit more volume - so got it custom made 4'8" and 82 litters.
Tried it quite a few times already and it is absolutely fantastic! So stable and easy to control.
Awesome team and service!
Thank you guys!!
BTW - the red colour is crazy cool! (-:

Adam Kirkcaldie
Wing it

I’ve been winging a custom peregrine for about a year and a half now and it’s the only board I use. I ordered it at 45 liters and it works in all conditions and has handled some heavy use and punishment. Can knee start it in light wind too which eliminates the need for a big board. Highly recommend!

Thank you Adam!


NSW, QLD $150
VIC, ACT $190
WA, SA, TAS, NT $350


USA $540
JAPAN $450
UK $550
UAE $650
FIJI $490

*Note: for international orders prices do not include local duty or taxes. These will be charged via customs on entry to your country.