Spitfire | Advanced Prone Surf Foilboard

Spitfire | Advanced Prone Surf Foilboard

A progressive shape for advanced riders. This board will suit high aspect foil wings

$1,550.00 AUD

4'2", 18", 2 7/16" - 24.5L

** We have experienced a high number of orders and are currently at a 9 week build time on all boards unless stock is showing. Please order and we will add you to our build list.

The Spitfire from Amos Shapes was a project with one of their younger team riders Rhett Walshaw, designed to suit the new generation of high aspect wings. With riding styles evolving they opted for a flat deck to accommodate for an offset stance. The teardrop outline pushes all the volume towards the nose and the thickness has been decreased over the tracks for maximum sensitivity to the foil. Foil tracks have been set further forward than previous models reducing the swing weight and allowing it to have a smooth pivot point at high speeds.

This is board is designed for the intermediate/advanced rider.


  • Suits new generation/high aspect foil wings
  • Flat deck for offset stance
  • Tracks set 10” from tail
  • Teardrop outline
  • Volume pushed to nose
  • Reduced thickness in tail
  • Suited to high performance prone surfing
  • Foil Tec four-piece traction


  • Specifically designed high density inserts for maximised strength where board connects to foil
  • Futures 10.75” fin boxes
  • We use Australian made EPS Foam and the best fibreglass, carbon and epoxy we can get our hands on.
  • Carbon vacuum bagged for strength and lightness
  • Air vent and leash plug
  • Amos Shapes only uses the highest quality materials available in order to build your premium foiling product.
  • Weight ranges vary due to board size and choice of construction but typically range from 2.5-3.5kg.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Fantastic performance board

A step up from riding my High Flyer combined with the Lift 110 HA-X or 150 HA-X wings.

The volume-forward design took a couple of rides for me to slightly recalibrate where to stand, but once I’d adjusted to standing slightly more forward than on the High Flyer, it performs like a dream.

I started by placing the foil right at the back of the tracks, which is roughly the same distance from the tail as where I had the foil on my previous board (far forward on the High Flyer). So far this has proven to suit me just fine, however I’ll experiment with moving the foil further forward at some point.

It’s very forgiving with the Lift HA-X foils. This could be due to my slightly further forward stance which seems to tamper my back-foot turning style.

This is a sensational board, and I’m throughly stoked. Recommended.


It's a great board

Amazing High Performance board

Spitfire is a great next step from being on a Raptor, I was beginning to feel constrained by the thickness and width on the Raptor tail in my progression. I went from a 4'6 34L to 4'4 27.5L and was slightly wondering if the volume would be too low but its perfect.

The paddling and wave catching was easier than I thought it would be for this new board. My favorite part of the Spitfire is the outline, its such a perfect shape with the tail pulled in to give more responsive roll axis turns and switch from rail to rail doing S turns on a wave. Nice bit of volume right under your chest. The tail has some foam to get you pushed into the waves also.

One thing to note: this board has a 2 degree rocker in the tail. This means that your board will be pitched nose high 2 degrees and have more front foot pressure than your current board may have. In order to tune the Spitfire you will need a shim kit. I started with 1 degree but currently right a full 2 degree shim to get the board level with my fuselage angle because even foot pressure is my personal preference. If you get shims you'll also need longer bolts for the shimmed side (the back) of the mast as there will be more distance between the baseplate and the tracks. Im writing this here because I wish I knew this beforehand, and I would've had everything I needed right when I got the board delivered. I think once you get to the point of wanting a high performance board, you can expect to start understanding your specific likes and should expect some additional.

The only thing I would change would be asking Amos to custom install the tracks closer to the tail by 0.5-1 inch to give more room. I've learned that my stance is more backfoot than a lot of riders, but as far as I can tell a lot of people like slamming their foils near the front of the Spitfire so the default option might be fine for you.

All in all, Spitfire took some time to get feeling right but once you've got it working its an amazing high performance prone board. Once you start feeling held back by your intermediate shape and start hungering for steeper carves, a lighter pump, and more aggressive riding this is the board to get!

Adam Kirkcaldie

Been on the Spitfire a couple of months now… light, durable and responsive.
I ordered the stock 4’6” 29 liter and I’m 6’1” 190ibs and it paddles well catches waves easily and you feel total connection to the foil! Get one you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Jana!

Next level

For an average intermediate level foiler getting on this board is like going from a SUV to a sports car, you can feel the extra efficiency and responsiveness, especially in the ease of pumping due to the stiffness of the board as there is much more force transmitted from your legs to the foil.

We love this review! Thanks Martin!


NSW, QLD $50
VIC, ACT $75
WA, SA, TAS, NT $95


USA $350
JAPAN $340
UK $375
UAE $420
FIJI $340

*Note: for international orders prices do not include local duty or taxes. These will be charged via customs on entry to your country.