Foiltec Prone Foil Board Traction - Wide

Foiltec Prone Foil Board Traction - Wide

$76.00 USD

Foil Tec grips are a premium full deck four-piece traction system designed especially for foiling. They are super lightweight with cut outs for added lightness. With foilers in mind we minimised the tail kick to 1.5cm high and have used a high-quality cord finish for a non-slip feel but allowing to move your feet when necessary. These grips have been designed, trialled and tested by a group of dedicated prone, wing and SUP foil riders.


Tail pad

Across tail at widest point: 43cm
Across front of tail pad at widest point: 45.5cm
Length: 40cm

Front pad

Across tail end at widest point: 42cm
Across nose end of pad at widest point: 46.5cm
Length: 50cm

Tail kick: 1.5cm High

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