NoLimitz Foil Mast - 72cm / 78cm / 85cm / 93cm

The lightest, stiffest mast on the market!

$1,799.00 AUD $1,899.00 AUD

NoLimitz foil masts have been designed by an engineer with a background of 30 years in the building carbon aerospace parts. With this knowledge the guys at  Innovative Composite Engineering have built the most technologically advanced foil mast on the market to date. 

The NoLimitz masts are incredibly light, stiff and strong as they have been crafted with aerospace grade high modulus and are  100% carbon fiber hollow construction.  The NoLimitz’s stiffness and its 16.7 mm leading edge reduces its drag through the water and  delivers a fast, smooth, and responsive feel when on foil.

NoLimitz Foil Masts are compatible with: Takuma, Naish, Slingshot Ghost Whisperer, Slingshot Phantasm, Lift, MFC, Axis, Hoverglide, F-One, SabFoil, Unifoil and Cabrinha.  The NoLimitz foil mast comes with a dedicated bonded on adapter. The NoLimitz is not offered with a universal adapter. The adapter that it’s sold with (Takuma, Naish, Lift, etc.) will fit only that fuselage. This was designed to minimize the weight and maximise the stiffness of the NoLimitz masts. 

With this new mast design NoLimitz has managed to increase the torsional stiffness from feet to foil creating a faster and more responsive foil set up. 

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Loving this mast!

“I have been riding this mast a few months and loved it straight away. Its lighter and stiffer than any other mast I have ridden in 5 years of foiling! I feel this mast maximised my sensitivity to the foil”

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