Tomahawk | Surf Wing Board



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This is one of our two dedicated wind wing foil board designs. This shape is compact and very stable with lots of volume. Being high volume for its size the ‘Tomahawk’ model allows you to ride a shorter board than you thought possible. It has a full rail with a slightly tapered chime for maximum stability, double concave through the nose to assist in bouncing back up through touch downs.

Foot strap inserts come standard in “Y” configuration giving riders the opportunity to choose between a double front strap setup or a surf style setup.

Our design includes a step tail kick behind the foil boxes for quick release from the water and easy lift off. All Carbon Vacuum bag construction gives the ultimate strength vs minimal weight ratio.

Tomahawk Features: 

  • Foil Tec deck Traction
  • Compact design with high volume and very stable
  • Fuller rail with tapered chime
  • Double concave through nose
  • Leash plug, handle on base and air vent
  • Step tail
  • EPS Epoxy Vacuum Bag construction

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