Frequent Flyer Foil Board and Lift Foils Package


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This Lift Foils and Frequent Flyer surf hydrofoil package has been put together for the rider looking for gear he or she can trust but also get an incredible experience out of in the water.  Amos Shapes is excited to be partnering with this seasoned hydrofoil company to put together an all round surf Hydrofoil package.

Lift Foils started over ten years ago from humble beginnings in a garage in Puerto Rico and is now one of the premium hydrofoil companies with a worldwide reach.  By no means we would call these guys over the hill – most recently we have watched big names of foiling Laird Hamilton charging giant mountains at Nazare on a Lift Foil and Kai Lenny backflipping on one too! Lift Foils are definitely proving over and over that their technology is up there with some of the best.

Who is this surf foil package for?

This package  has been put together for the foiler who wants a highest of quality entry to intermediate foil set up that will still keep you happy once hitting the more experienced level.

Why would I choose this package?

We love the lift foil for its gradual take off ability (giving you time to get to your feet), stability and speed once up and going. It’s a full carbon construction, it’s so light you can pick up the whole set up with one hand easily.  Going for a lighter foil set up also increases your mobility in the water. The Frequent Flyer Foil Board is designed for its ease of catching waves and paddling, sensitivity from board to foil and its stability whilst riding.

What this package includes:

  1. Amos Shapes custom made full carbon Frequent Flyer foil board (Stock dims 4’2″, 4’6″, 4’10”)
  2. Lift Foils 200 front wing matched with the 40 rear wing and  28″ Mast – this is lifts all round perfect surf foil.
  3. 1 Creatures of Leisure Wide tail grip and Front deck III (Black)
  4. 1 Smart Leash Co  Leash – XS 5ft
  5. 1 RSPro Traction R-W-K
  6. Shipping Australia wide and international available to most areas.

Order this package and save over $400!!

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What else do I need to know? 

  1. Custom board order time frame approximately 4 weeks. Amos Shapes is dedicated to getting your board to you as soon as we possibly can!
  2. Amos Shapes uses the the highest quality products we can get to build you the most advanced boards available on the market today.  If you have ordered from us already you know we are dedicated to our customers and we custom make all our boards tailored to the individual order.  Due to this customisation all board sales are final.  Always notify Amos Shapes Custom Surfboards and Foil Boards immediately of any damage that occurred to your board during the shipping process. Do not ride your board if you notice any damage as this will void all insurance on your board with our courier company.
  3. Carbon and darker coloured boards are to be kept out of the sun/extreme heat and may bubble if this instruction is not adhered to.
  4. Lift foils, Creatures of Leisure, RSPro and Smart Leash products come with a one year warranty (under manufacturers guidelines).