Welcome to the team - Josh Ku

My name is Joshua Ku and I'm from the city beach Maroubra in Sydney, Australia.

Even though foiling at the beaches here is banned that doesn’t stop the foil addiction I have.  Whether its tow foiling the outer reefs, Downwind Sup miles out to sea or getting told off surf foiling at my local beach by the lifeguards I'm well and truly stung by the foil bug.

My entry to this sport was my obsession to get away from crowds at the beach and to enjoy the ocean without rubbing rails with the surfer next to you.

My goals with foiling is to continue to learn all the disciplines in the sport and to make my self as well rounded in the water as the top waterman of the world. Foiling to me is a gracious act and my pursuit of flow.

Josh recently visited us to pick up the start of his new Amos Shapes quiver and we had some epic sessions on his new Sultan and a magical day prone foiling in Byron.  Check out his board review on the Sultan here. 

Check out our wing foilboard range here!