Sultan | Downwind SUP/ Wing/ Prone

Sultan | Downwind SUP/ Wing/ Prone

“This board is a great start to your downwind SUP foil journey” – Zane Westwood (Pro Rider)

$2,850.00 AUD

7'2", 19 1/2", 6 5/16" - 110L

** We have experienced a high number of orders and are currently at a 9 week build time on all boards. Please order and we will add you to our build list. 

The Sultan is our new downwind SUP model and is a great downwind board for SUP and prone. Featuring a longer profile for stability, the length compensating and allowing for its narrowness.

The higher volume of this board assists with the rider getting more glide on the surface of the water. The paddle speed of the Sultan is fast, meaning you can get up on foil earlier and easier.  This fast paddle speed also allows the rider to choose smaller foil wings resulting in faster speeds when up and foiling.

Once up on foil the board is designed to be stable, the swing weight and length of the board assist in carrying the speed through to the next bump. This flow allows for greater efficiency when connecting swells.

The Sultan is user-friendly and is a great starting point for your downwind SUP journey.

These boards are designed and built in Australia to be the lightest and highest quality boards.


  • 16” Tracks
  • Optional handle on deck
  • Foil Tec six-piece traction
  • Leash plug
  • Air vent
  • Lightweight wrapped carbon
  • Teardrop outline
  • Reinforced rail to protect from paddle chips
  • Well balanced for downwind SUP and prone paddling

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Custom Sultan for Big Rider

I ordered a custom Sultan (8'x23", 145 liters) last spring (2023). I'm a big guy 110kg+ living in the columbia river gorge and just getting going on DW foiling. This board was a huge help in getting started. It's narrow enough that I can get the board speed up to catch most bumps, knee-high to head-high, but stable enough that it only took a few flat water sessions before I was ready to get in the bumps.

I highly recommend the sultan as a first DW board, especially if you work with Jess to figure out the right size for you. After a very successful first season on the Sultan I'm seriously considering getting the new Amos Bullet next, now that my skills are a bit more developed.

I don't do much winging but the Sultan was also a great light wind wing board, I got up in 10-12mph winds no problem which is unusual for someone my size/weight.

John Reynolds
Light, sleek, a weapon!

Got myself a 7’2” AMOS Sultan for light wind winging. It is beautifully made and the bag option suggested is brilliant. Be careful with the board.. the nose is very sharp and could go through your canopy. My pumping isn’t great but the Sultan helps by giving a knot or two of extra speed so makes it easy to get up on foil.

Winging the Sultan

Hi, just tried my new Sultan 7’6x19’5x108L winging with different foil combinations 1100/800/540 in wind range from 8 to 20 knts. I’m 82 kg. On the water the board has a surprising really good lateral stability and the extra lenght make it a stable plateform to stand. the nose points naturally downwing with the chop as It gain speed quickly. What is noticeable immediately is the incredible gliiiide. the glide is excellent, nearly quite like a windsurf ! This high ground speed helps to take off in low winds even with very small foils (l managed to fly with my 540 in 10/12 knts). During the fly, the board is really stable and offer no resistance to wind thanks to the sharpness of its shape. I managed to reach speed about 24 knts easily and with confidence. I think it could go more with fine tuning. In freefly naturally it is very good thanks to the lighness and rigidity. The pumping translate immediately in forward speed and helps crossing low wind area to catch the next gust.
Another important point: the board is really beautiful and is a pleasure to watch, really nice shape.

Karsten Krongaard
Best Ever

It was love at first takeoff on my first DW run on the custom Sultan 7'4×19" - 90 liters. Conditions was so light I wouldn't even have given it a go on my old board (12-14 knots). That's how much confidence the Sultan will give you. It blew my mind how easy it releases water. Can't wait to get lots of epic runs on the Sultan!

Adam Bennetts
Epic Ride

The thing goes epic. The light glassing felt so much better. And the boxes are in perfect spot. Caught some bumps out wide supereasy. It surfs good too (the light glassing made the swing weight really manageable). Can't wait for a proper down wind day!

Felt good right away!

Riding Custom Sultan 7'2, 18", 6 3/16" - 100L


NSW, QLD $220
VIC, ACT $310
WA, SA, TAS, NT $475


USA $775
JAPAN $724
UK $815
UAE $920
TAHITI $1047
FIJI $724

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