BULLET| Downwind SUP/ Prone Foilboard

BULLET| Downwind SUP/ Prone Foilboard

$3,250.00 AUD

7'10", 18", 6 7/8" - 110L

** Due to a very busy period we are building all boards to order. Our current wait time is 9 weeks. 

 The Bullet downwind foilboard has been designed with Amos Shapes team rider Zane Westwood and is a result of the quickly progressing sport of downwind foiling. This is your perfect progression from the Sultan.  It is for riders that want easier take-offs or to be able to paddle up smaller foils to match the conditions. This board is best suited to open ocean conditions.

 The board paddles through the water with minimal drag achieving faster speeds helping you get up onto foil earlier with efficiency and less effort.  The Bullet has a rounded hull bottom inspired by outrigger boats and surf skis. This helps direct water around the board with minimal friction. This also translates to less sticky take offs and touchdowns. To minimise tail touch when pumping at lower speeds and take offs, we have pulled in the tail and added an exit rocker.

 We would suggest going at least 8-10 inches longer than your size in a Sultan. The board length increases stability and makes up for the rounded bottom, which helps with paddling into the wind line.


  • Ocean downwind foilboard
  • 16” Tracks
  • Optional handle on deck
  • Foil Tec six-piece traction
  • Leash plug
  • Air vent
  • Lightweight wrapped carbon
  • Canoe like base
  • Reinforced rail to protect from paddle chips
  • Well balanced for downwind SUP

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Michael Clyne
Great board super easy paddle ups

I love my 8,4 I’m 80kg have been riding a 7,2 sultan with limited success bumping up in length and letters was the best choice I ever made.
The bullet paddles super fast and is 1.5 inches narrower than my previous board but it’s much stabler and paddles way faster glides on to runs!
I don’t notice the extra length when pumping as most of it is behind you .

Love this board

Bullet 8'4" x 19 x 125 litre

Great to finally get my 8'4" Bullet. It's a beautiful looking board.I have been riding a 7'6" x 23" x 115 litre Sultan for 15 months as my first downwind board which seems to have been a good choice for it's stability and starting the learning process without too much suffering. My first run on the Bullet was challenging trying to dial in the extra balance skill that is needed to go to this type of board. My second day on the board my balance had improved and I could really start to feel the incredible acceleration and speed that is available with this board design. I got to ride my HA 1180 during a Derwent river run in 20 knots of Southerly and was surprised by how little physical effort I had to put in to get the board moving very fast. I can see that as I improve and dial into the board that it's going to allow me to get up on foil much more easily in the Ocean.

Oliver Heeley-Darkes
Paddle up so fast!

Tried the Bullet yesterday arvo for some light wind (12knts) paddle ups 8’4x19 @120l, rider 90kgs, wrong side of 40 with skills to match!

First thing you notice is the stability, there is some primary roll but excellent secondary stability that I attribute to the rail and thickness or board. The second thing you notice is the paddle speed, wow! For anyone coming from a SUP background it feels like a Starboard Sprint…. easily the fastest DW board I’ve paddled. This is a huge advantage when getting up, placing the foil in the right place in the long fin boxes is key. The length of the boxes allows for limitless set-ups with all brands of foil and mast. Thirdly the board runs true and flat, no dip in the tail which can make it harder to paddle up, this is an issue on other boards.

When up on foil the board is light and responsive, weight without rail tape coming in around 6kgs, that’s excellent compared to others and you really notice when pumping. Finish is excellent, construction is Amos Bullet proof, as always, giving you confidence to travel. An all-round excellent board and clear leader in paddle speed making the dread paddle up easier.


NSW, QLD $220
VIC, ACT $310
WA, SA, TAS, NT $475


USA $775
JAPAN $724
UK $815
UAE $920
TAHITI $1047
FIJI $724

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