Zane Westwood foils a massive 75km with an epic downwind run.

Zane Westwood did a mammoth run from South Gold Coast, past the most easterly point in Australia - Cape Byron and all the way down to Lennox Head, NSW yesterday. 

A favourable weather forecast, with a build up of North Easterly winds, Zane new the conditions where going to be good for this downwind run.  When he checked in to his instagram live he had been on foil for one hour and fourty-five minutes non-stop.  In total Zane foiled 75 downwind kilometers yesterday - pretty impressive. 

Zane is on the Bullet, our new release downwind board that he has had huge input in designing and Lift Foils HA 110 X. 

Online magazine picked up the story after pro surfer Kelly Slater shared Zanes post from his downwind passage.


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